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50% off Holiday & Clearance Items
Price Guarantee
While we believe that we offer competitive pricing on all of our products, we are aware that sometimes web merchants will under bid our pricing.  We will happily Match any verifiable price and give you an additional $50 Gift Certificate to say Thank You for choosing us.  You can support your local independent business and rest assured that you are receiving the best deal on your purchase.

Just Contact Us us with a link to your pricing and you are done. Thank You for your patronage. Brian Battaglia
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You don't have to wait for a SALE.
Get a Discount Every Day
Discount Policy

Everyone loves a discount and we are happy to have multiple ways to give you one.  If you would like 20% off on accessories, just present a Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon, everyone has one of those, and we will honor it.

Our Furniture Discount Policy  is simply based on how much you spend in a single purchase. If you spend over $2500 we will give you $200 off your purchase and if you spend over $5,000 we will give you $500 off.  Easy, Upfront with No guessing or negotiating.

Discounts are off full price items only and can not be taken off of American Leather, BDI or Calligaris items.
Sure we will take Bed Bath Coupons for Kitchen and Home Accessories.
Sorry no Furniture, Lighting, Wall Hangings or Rugs. No digital coupons
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Driving? Our Parking lot is behind the store off of Clinton St.