About Us

We’ve come a long way!

In early 2004, we realized there was a much greater need for furniture than we could address in our two small stores on Washington Street.  We really wanted to have one big store rather than two small ones and we began looking for space.    

Finding large space in Hoboken was certainly challenging. It took us over four years but in February of 2008 we moved all of our product, from both the furniture and the kitchen and housewares store to one store at 1414 Willow Street in Hoboken. This allowed us to better serve not just Hoboken, but all of Hudson County and New York City. Since then we have endured the Great Recession and Superstorm Sandy, but thanks to our loyal customers, we have been able to thrive.

As we look to further growth in the next few years, we thank our customers for being a partner in our success over the years. Your kind words and your green dollars have given us the energy and the ability to grow our little store through the years. I hope we repay you with a shopping experience you enjoy and with merchandise you find of good quality and design.

Brian Battaglia
Our goal is to offer cool contemporary design products that fit the needs of the urban dweller.