After 25 years of serving the Hoboken community, Battaglia’s Home has closed its doors.
We grew the business from a very small kitchen store on 10th and Bloomfield that we opened in 1993, to two stores on Washington Street, to the current store, which we opened in 2008.  We are forever thankful for all of our customers who have treated us not only as a business but also as a part of the Hoboken community.   Our business and our family grew up in Hoboken, and we feel fortunate to have been here to witness Hoboken develop into the town it is today. 
We have loved watching your families grow and having children we met as babies come and work in the store as young adults.  You let us into your lives in small ways when you needed wine glasses for a party or a candle for a teacher gift and bigger ways when we helped you layout and furnish your first apartment, or get a sleeper sofa for when your parents visited.
Never have we felt the love of our neighbors more than after Sandy destroyed our store and so many people came out to help us clean up and to purchase products they probably didn’t need to help us get back on our feet.
It has been a long and incredibly fulfilling journey but it is now time for us to move to another stage in our lives and our next challenge.  Thank you to all of our customers, friends, and neighbors for your support and business through the years. 

On a personal note, please look for me in my new endeavor. I will be out there serving the Hoboken community and I hope I can meet more of you and share in your lives once again.
Brian Battaglia